When I read polls about what readers would like to see on an author’s blog, behind the scenes stuff always come up first. I think we all like a sneaky peak into someone else’s life and to know if others are as messy/tidy (delete as appropriate!) as we are!

I had every intention of doing one of these behind the scenes posts before lockdown hit, but then with home-schooling my desk and the general area around it ended up a giant mess and I didn’t have time to sort everything out! I was so embarrassed I’ve been putting it off! But I’ve finally run out of excuses and had time to tidy up.

It’s not really a cave because my desk is behind the dining room door (and right by the kitchen which is very handy for snacks but not quite so good for my waistline!). But I do get have the back door open in the summer and listen to the birds sing while I’m writing. If I have early morning writing sessions it’s particularly lovely to watch the light change as the sun comes up. In the winter I end up with a blanket over my knees because I get really cold (I am one of those always cold types anyway!) but I really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I love it!