Sometimes, you can sit around and wait for inspiration to strike, other times you have to grab it by the scruff of the neck and shake it until it gives you something useful! In case you need some help this autumn with either an idea for a novel or a short story, check out the prompts below and build yourself a mystery!



  • A pumpkin farm
  • A fireworks display
  • A secluded coppice
  • A new school
  • A Barn


Cause of death

  • A firework
  • Leaves
  • Fire
  • A stabbing
  • Arson


Red herrings

  • No other possible suspects
  • Everyone can be placed at the scene
  • No one has a motive
  • Overwhelming evidence towards one person
  • A secret past



  • A neighbour
  • A wife/husband
  • A business partner
  • The local policeman
  • A widow


Happy writing!